Bill Hyatt.  Photo by Lisa Keating.


Playwright, Director, and Occasional Actor

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My Artistic Promise

My Mission

My Mission

My Mission

I am a playwright and a theater artist.  I will collaborate with other theater artists to create meaningful and challenging works for the stage that examine human truths and further human and animal rights.  I will write about foibles, fears, hopes, passions, dreams, hates and loves and whatever else it takes to understand our shared humanity.  

My plays will often examine the effects of governmental, economic, social and personal injustice; our capacity to take meaningful actions against the status quo; and the consequences we face when take those actions.  

Sometimes I will write dramas, sometimes I will write comedies; but, I promise that I will always write the truth as best I can. 

My Vision

My Mission

My Mission

I believe that the shared experience of creating, participating in and attending live theater can motivate us to: 

  • Live in harmony with our world, with each other, and with ourselves

  • Be better, kinder and more considerate

  • Understand and express our mutual feelings

  • Overcome internal and externally-imposed obstacles

  • Seek and understand truths

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